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Rajasthan Tours and Travels

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The romance of Rajasthan - laid out to you in easy to choose tour packages. 


Scroll below to see how to plan your Rajasthan travels effectively.


The hostile environment of Rajasthan has a kinder face today. The people of Rajasthan have inherited a glorious and chivalrous legacy. When you travel to Rajasthan, you will not miss this harshness.


Its artwork communicates the sensitivity and the bravery of its past inhabitants. The architecture of the land tells us of its grace and its strength.


Such has been the romanticising of Rajasthan. While today's tales of the distant Rajasthan are glorifying and can be considered cliches, these cliches do contain a grain of truth.


These cliches, while containing elements of truth, can also push in the background the full truth of the tenacious and never say die attitude of the local people.

Rajasthan Trip Planner

Rajasthan is a large territory and it can quite challenging to plan your Rajasthan trip, especially when you are travelling with not so many days.


A full tour of Rajasthan can be about 3 to 4000 km depending upon where you go.


Following is an attempt to put in brief and concise manner, the issues and the pros and cons of the options possible.


To plan your trip to Rajasthan, use the following steps:

  1. Decide the theme of your Rajasthan voyage.
  2. Decide how you wish to travel i.e with car and driver or by train, or by aeroplane or a combination of all. The pros and cons of these choices are discussed in a separate section on this page itself.
  3. Decide the number of days to give to your Rajasthan itinerary


Now let's discuss this in detail:

Your tour to Rajasthan theme. Plenty to choose here:

  1. Rajasthan wildlife
  2. Rajasthan desert safari
  3. Honeymoon in Rajasthan
  4. Rajasthan heritage tour
  5. Golden triangle Rajasthan or the Rajasthan Golden triangle tour
  6. Luxury Rajasthan tour
  7. Rajasthan Palace tour
  8. National Parks in Rajasthan
  9. Rajasthan Tiger
  10. Royal Rajasthan on wheels

This perhaps is the most difficult question to answer. In our experience, often, there can be strong and divergent views, even amongst a couple.


Best is to ask each individual to read a little about Rajasthan and then put those destinations/ideas on a piece of paper to reach to some conclusion.


Many choose to have a mix of all the above themes, though in some cases the visit to Rajasthan Tiger reserve is skipped.


Important to keep in mind the age group of travellers.


Next is to decide the mode of travel. This will influence the number of days or vice versa.


Our recommendation is to do a car rental in Rajasthan. But here pros and cons of the Car rental Rajasthan.


  Rajasthan car hire Public transport-train
Convenience Yes No
Car & driver always at your disposal Yes No
Haggling with new drivers in every city No Yes
Hustle and bustle experience of public transport No Yes
Driver as your friend Yes  No 
Driver shields you from touts Yes No
Driver shields you from aggressive beggars Yes No
Leave your bags in the vehicle   Yes  No
Driver points out sights of interest  Yes  No 
Stop at will and take photographs Yes No
Driver can invite you at his rural home Yes No
Small detours off the main road to see offbeat places of interest Yes No
Arrival and departure times to your convenience Yes No
Hotel savings by using night journey No Yes
Sharing meals with Indian co-passengers No Yes
Engaging chit chats with fellow passengers No Yes
Toilet/restroom facilities Good resorts facilities can be used Can be questionable
Ticket booking hassle No Yes
Local sightseeing transport costs an extra No Yes
Long waits due to weather delays No Yes



Look carefully and see beyond the obvious and you will spot glimpses of the heroic nature of Rajasthani people which made them embrace over centuries, the impossible natural odds.

This very heroic nature made them create beauty from the barren lands and hewned of rocks. 

The stern and harsh land of Rajasthan produced a strict code of living, as ungiving as the land itself. Your Rajasthan Tour will show this to you.


Rajasthan is India's desert state with rich cultural history and tradition. It used to be a collection of princely kingdoms. Even today, amidst many palaces and forts feudal traditions and subservience to the royalty is visible. Rajasthan - a visual extravaganza. 

Rajasthan is sprinkled all over with rugged forts, wooded hills, tranquil lakes, majestic palaces, spectacular deserts, quiet villages, variety of delightful fauna and flora, bustling towns along with the colorful attired vibrant people of Rajasthan. 

A magical weave of grandeur, pomp, mysticism and rusticity. Expect to be surprised. Expect to be delighted with the splendour of its richness. Expect to encounter the simple life, village fairs away from popular tourist destinations. It can be a local fair or a cattle fair or bustling market. All the while as you watch the landscape change and beguile you from your car.

The architecture - its size and its intricacy will just awe you.


Rajasthan is where the Ballads are soul searing and stirring, the Peacock has made it its home, the Tiger roams around here in majesty, the forts and their fortunes of here have influenced the Indian history, the colourful attire of its inhabitants, the deep rootedness of the Indian ethos,

the stunning architecture of the temples and palaces, the dignified manner by which people here conduct themselves, the reverence for all forms of life and the impressive vastness of its desert filled with undulating sand dunes. 


Rajasthan is a harsh land where hot winds mercilessly blow. The land does not yield much, especially in western Rajasthan.


The valour of daring Rajputs committed to protect their honour have contributed a lot to the romance of Rajasthan.


The forts and palaces with their kings and maharajas add a historical richness unseen anywhere else. Today Rajasthan Royals is a cricket team partly owned by Shilpa Shetty. Little different than the Rajasthan Royals of yore. In your Rajasthan holidays you can consider watching an IPL match at Jaipur.


The shifting sand dunes and the creeping sands have many a times altered peoples destiny here.


Places to see in Rajasthan




The capital of Rajasthan is a must visit. If you have been to Agra before then Jaipur can be the place to start and end your holidays in Rajasthan. Jaipur is notable because of Amber Fort, elephant rides, city Palace of Jaipur, Jantar Mantar, Jal Mahal, shopping, bustling markets




Referred to as the "Eastern Gateway to Rajasthan", it is now well known for its bird sanctuary. Of course it has a Fort and a rich history of importance in Rajasthan. It can be your alternate destination to stay instead of Agra. Birds from all over the world flock here. If you like birds, then have Bharatpur included in your itinerary.




Ajmer is a powerful pilgrimage centre. While the neighbour city Pushkar is the darling of Western tourists, it is the Ajmer where the supplicating masses make a beeline for the shrine of highly revered Khawaja Moinuddin Chishti or the Garib Nawaz - the Benefactor of the poor.


The most famous Sufi saint of the Indian subcontinent, it is he who established the Chishti order. In the shrine complex you shall see two very large cooking vats, in which devouts drop their money or offerings.


Like Pushkar, Ajmer witnesses a four fold increase in hotel room rates during the time of Pushkar fair in Rajasthan, which is generally around October-November.


Just worth a visit to see and experience for yourself the intense devotion of the thronging public.


Mind you, the legend is that if the Saint does not want you to visit, you cannot visit. Likewise, if he desires that you visit his shrine, then automatically path shall open out for your visit.



Pushkar is Hindu holy town where the only temple devoted to Brahma exists. Brahma is the creator of the universe and is the part of the Hindu trinity. Pushkar has become a popular destination due to its week-long fair that takes place during November, Kartik Poornima.


The sale of the cattle, especially the camels is the exciting part of the fair. Of a great delight to the tourists is watching the method of negotiation between the buyer and seller using their fingers while their hands are clasped to each other under the cover of a large handkerchief.


Bundi Rajasthan




Mount Abu







A little on the unique monuments:


The Rajasthan government has applied for a world heritage site classification of the following sites.


Kumbhalgarh Fort in Rajsamand: After the great Wall of China this Fort has the longest continuous wall.


Gagron Fort in Jhalawar: The only fort in Rajasthan which has water all around it.


Amber Fort in Jaipur: An example of fine blend of both Rajput and Mogul architectural styles.


Chittorgarh Fort: The Fort where Royal ladies and other women committed mass suicide by jumping into fire rather than submit to exploitation by the invading army. This occurred three times. It is the largest fort in Rajasthan as well.


Sawai Madhopur Fort in Ranthambhore: The USP of this Fort is that it is surrounded by thick forest, which has elephants and tigers.



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Delhi -Agra-Jaipur Delhi

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