Personalised Safe Tours for Couples, Single Women/Women Groups/Single Parents/Seniors Travel in India

Private Driver Tour India Offbeat, eclectic customised India tours. Experience the real India outside of a group tour. 

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We take care of you. We understand western sensibilities. We plan your travel for your interests.

Our organisation is geared to handle situations along the way, which can occur even with good planning. This is why you should seriously consider our company.

Transparent Prices. Pay what is quoted. No sly add ons in the name of taxes or service charges.

We are a small company with a spirited approach to India travel, due to the vision of the owner team.

Our goal is to help you experience real India, safely, comfortably, and economically.

We like variety in travel. We sniff out the classic and the quirky, astronomically expensive or cheap as dirt, heritage sites and historical surroundings, authentic and adventuresome -- everything to make your travel unique.

Our organisation is geared to handle situations along the way, which can occur even with good planning. This is why you should seriously consider our company. Our drivers and guides are non-pushy.

In business since May 2005, our strength is to think out of the box--add a dash here, a twist there, spice it up, an eclectic and different journey for you or your group.

 Quick response to enquiries. Flexible planning and adaptation to personal wishes.Fair pricing. 


We get on a high when we plan, create and deliver custom trips for individuals and small groups.

The owners are in sync with the latest, as they interact with the guests through the hospitality industry, and their guests keep them updated. They know what is hot and what is not.

We thrive on personalized service and care. We can recommend and plan a variety of places to stay, sometimes off beat, with some nice twists.

Apart from the usual tours inIndai, we have a number of special interest trips where we take our clients on an in-depth journey exploring particular fields.

These include travel focused on religion, culture, dance and drama, textiles and jewellery, fairs and festivals, architecture, yoga, wildlife and golf in India.

Our first focus is your safety, comfort and enjoyment. Then follows the price, which is always reasonable and fair. It is possible that we can be a little more than the very cheapest, but then we are reliable, helpful, and interested in your interests. Definitely worth it in every way.

Of course we expect you to check us out. References given on request.

We offer Responsible Tourism:

For discerning travellers looking for a deeper experience of their destination than travelling wide and cramming a lot of sightseeing into their itinerary.

Our tours ae not your standard, cookie-cutter, one size fits all journeys.

Customized to your interests, they offer flexible times and durations, provide informed and enthusiastic travel companions who are not the usual touristy repeaters, but rather professionals, teachers, and graduate students in their respective fields of expertise, informed and enthusiastic.

Warning: Because these India package tours are based on the specialized skills of individuals who have other professional demands on their time, advance booking strongly recommended, and some individual tours may not be available at all times.

Browse our suggested India package tours. We adjust according to your requirements.


Nice Experience

Nice Experience

Travel Period: 5/2/12

Overall value: Great Value



Review by: Peden Doma





Overall Experience:

It was comfortable and safe. Service provided were good.

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